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Fire up your sales team for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We expect you’ve got all your plans in place for your 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. The web wizards in SEO are ready for “Insert your product Black Friday” searches and the gazillion variations of that your customers will put into Google. Your email team have set you up with a peach of […]

Customer loyalty – 11 changes that will keep your customers coming back

Points banking and rewards are powerful customer loyalty tools, but they’re not a silver bullet. Using rewards is an effective customer loyalty mechanic, and it’s often something customers expect and enjoy, but it’s not everything. However, no business can rely on rewards alone for customer loyalty. Even with the rewards squared away, your business still […]

Customer retention programmes – Think different before it’s too late

Customer retention programmes are the battleground in a global scramble to keep more customers. Businesses around the world are desperate to drive down customer churn, and they’re dying to make customers more valuable in the long term. To do that, they’re increasingly turning to retention schemes. Consumers are making a move, too. 64% of brands […]