Secret Santa makes Christmas gifts for employees more fun

£15 or less: Secret Santa Christmas gifts for employees

For the unaware, Secret Santa is an anonymous way to share Christmas gifts for employees. Everyone draws a name from a hat, and within an agreed budget buys that person a gift. It’s great fun, someone in the office is always stuck for ideas.

So, if you’re staring at your Secret Santa name this November thinking: “What on Earth am I going to buy him?” then this list is for you.

Really good socks

A really comfortable set of socks is un-ironically a fantastic gift. Bonus points for personalisation and novelty.


Most people end up spending more time indoors during the winter. Candles with season scents are a lovely treat for homebodies who love a cosy night in.

Credit card tool

We all know people that are pathologically addicted to being useful and prepared. The credit card tool gives that person a wallet-handy can opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, wrench and compass. Just in case you get stranded in the Alaskan wilderness on the way back from Pret.

Steel straws

Plastic straws are on the way out, but some people are actually dependent on straws for their drunks. Before disposable straws, people used to carry their own. Stainless steel straws are a durable, easily cleaned alternative for anyone underwhelmed by soggy paper straws.

Spider catcher

While it’s a myth that spiders move indoors to escape the cold, it’s true that humans do. Clearing creepy crawlies from the house during the cold winter months without killing (or touching) them is simple with a spider catcher.

Cards Against Humanity

One of the modern greats in party games, and all but guaranteed to produce at least one moment of guffawing hilarity or awkwardness. The full game will stretch your budget, but versions are out there for £15 and less.

A special coffee mug

There’s few things more aggravating than seeing someone using “your” mug. Of course it doesn’t have your name on it, and it looks like all the other mugs, but it’s YOUR mug. A problem easily solved with a personalised or novelty mug in the Secret Santa.

Hot sauces

Gift a selection pack of thermonuclear sinus-clearing sauces. The perfect stocking filler for spice lovers, the endlessly curious, or those with severely misdirected machismo.

A book of insults

Sick of hearing the same tired insults flying around the office? Spice up the chat with a selection box of new insults, put-downs, castigations and ripostes.

A Christmas gift card

The Love2shop gift card is always one of our most popular Christmas gifts for employees. You can also go single-store if you know exactly what your Secret Santa likes, or you can use a multi-retailer card to cover all your bases.

A desk fan or hot water bottle

Equip your Secret Santa with a weapon to fight a guerrilla war in the battle over your office air conditioning.

A speaking button

If you’ve never seen one before, it’s a programmable button that says a phrase when pressed to celebrate little victories. Get them in “yes”, “no”, “sorry”, or even Donald Trump catchphrases.

Head massager

If you’re going to sit there and say you can resist having a go on a head massager, we’re going to call you an outright liar. Even dogs love playing with them.

A VR headset

Budget VR headsets use a smartphone’s in-built motion detectors to turn YouTube videos into exciting, immersive 3d experiences. You can grab a cheap one on the high street for £15 or less.

When it comes to Christmas gifts for employees, Secret Santa is great fun. Things like gift cards and vouchers work, but a Secret Santa makes sure there’s a light-hearted, personalised gift for everyone in the office.

If you can’t find a volunteer to run your Secret Santa, or you want to include something a bit more formal from the business, gift cards make an excellent choice. They let everyone pick out a special gift for themselves, and they’re an easy gift to organise no matter how many people you need to organise Christmas gifts for.