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Guest blog: Christmas shopping at Essential Shops with Love2shop Gift Vouchers

Our colleagues at Park Christmas Savings, also part of Appreciate Group, wrote this fantastic blog on how to grab some great Christmas presents while doing your essential shopping with Love2shop Gift Vouchers. Being restricted to shopping at essential stores doesn’t mean you can’t do some of your Christmas shopping and spend your Love2shop Gift Vouchers on festive […]

Why some recognition schemes just don’t work – are you guilty of these 3 little mistakes?

We all want a successful recognition programme in place. After all, the aims of any reward and recognition programme are all about benefits. Benefits to employees, your business, even employee acquisition and retention. However, the sad fact is that some recognition programmes just don’t work. The results you’re looking for don’t come. If you’ve launched […]

What should your criteria be for employee recognition?

The saying is, that what gets rewarded is what gets done. If you manage a team and want to really ace employee rewards and recognition, you need a few strategies in place. Your criteria needs not only to be known to you internally, in whatever position you sit, but also be understood by all your […]

News: Appreciate Group & CleverGift launch UK’s first fully digital multi-brand gift card for mobile wallets

Appreciate Group are Appreciate’ parent company. They’re a leading gifting and engagement business, and they’re experts at creating joyful experiences and connecting people to the things in life they enjoy the most. Under the Appreciate Group marquee, our sister company Highstreetvouchers.com has just launched a groundbreaking new digital gift service, which will bring more even […]

4 frightening outcomes of a recognition-deficient culture

As Halloween approaches, many companies will be planning some spooky fun. From dressing up to creepy cupcakes, being creative and celebrating together boosts morale. Scheduled events like this are a great way to build a fun ‘together’ culture. Something which organisations across the world are spending more time and energy into developing. Creating an environment […]

Time for HR pros to embrace their inner marketer

One of the key responsibilities of HR teams should be to persuade employees to buy into the organisation, its vision, values and culture. But to achieve this, HR needs to get to grips with many of the fundamentals of Marketing. After all, Marketing and HR are not that different – whilst Marketing is responsible for […]

Tactical campaigns that increase sales and drive engagement

Clare Bingham is Engagement and Operations Director of FMI, our brand engagement and incentives focused sister company. Here she writes about how FMI design and build effective tactical campaigns that increase sales and brand engagement. To give you a clear idea of what this blog means by incentives, let’s define them: Incentive, /ɪnˈsɛntɪv/ noun. A […]