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How to develop a winning referral marketing strategy

Just about any business can develop and deploy a referral marketing strategy that will generate new business and grow consumer advocacy. This article will take you through a quick introduction to referral marketing, what makes it work so well, why your referral schemes might have failed before, and how you can get started with referral […]

Using data to plan acquisition campaigns in 2021

We recently asked 2,020 people around the UK about what they’re most interested in spending money on as national restrictions are eased. You can read more details about the research and our findings in our article here, but one main point was clear. The people of the UK want to spend their money on experiences, […]

Customer Loyalty Programs: The Ultimate Loyalty Guide in 2021

Despite the economic challenges posed by events in 2020-21, customer loyalty, and customer loyalty programs, aren’t in trouble. In fact, according to research from Yopto, customers are more loyal than they’re often given credit for, and they have more “bandwidth” in their lives for loyalty. In particular, over the last year many consumers have felt […]